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Instagram Updates You Need to Know About in July 2021

Big changes are coming to the Instagram app. Just last week, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri shared a video announcing what to expect from the platform, as he says it “will no longer be a square-photo sharing app.” 

While that doesn’t mean do away with the photos altogether, Instagram is going to be prioritizing the user experience in 4 core areas:


Instagram’s focus on creator content is intended to help users across industries make a living by using the platform. This should allow more creators’ content to get discovered and is a positive change for entrepreneurs using the platform and looking to increase discoverability. Mosseri said Instagram is currently testing out recommendations (showing you content from people you might not be following yet) and topics (gauging what you want to see more or less of), which means you might be showing up on more and more feeds. Win #1!


It’s no surprise that video is huge across ALL platforms (even LinkedIn is favoring video content these days). As Instagram competes with the insanely popular TikTok app, Mosseri alludes to the fact that IG is fully embracing the rise of video content and plans to integrate full-screen, mobile-first video features. So…if you’re not already leveraging reels for short-form content, IGTV for longer-form video (think storytelling, educational content or repurposing IG swaps with other content creators) it is absolutely time to start. 


As the pandemic most definitely increased the amount of people doing their shopping online (guilty), this feature will be another area of focus on the platform. With the app moving away from plain old square-photo sharing, this is your opportunity to make sales from anywhere in the world with shopping at the forefront of IG —  whether it’s a physical product, course or online service. Make some noise!


Mosseri is aware that the way people are connecting online has shifted away from the feed and more toward the DMs, which is where messaging comes in. Instagram’s algorithm already favors saves and shares over likes and comments, so what does this mean for you? You’re going to need to start creating content that makes people want to send it to a friend (this is great for how-to educational content, or even inspirational content!). Maybe you end up on someone’s explore page who doesn’t exactly need what you offer, but can send your post along to a friend who would appreciate it. Next time you’re creating a carousel or an infographic, think to yourself: “would I send this to a friend?”

While some users are disappointed by the changes coming, these all seem to be in favor of the online entrepreneur who is looking to use IG to grow their brand and business. Our biggest takeaways from Mosseri’s PSA?

Best Practices in 2021

  • Create more video content: reels, IGTV, Instagram live exchanges.
  • Leverage all features of the platform beyond just photos (carousels, shopping, stories).
  • Make your content saveable and shareable by posting quick tips, educational or inspirational content, and hooking your audience with your juicy storytelling skills (that you can learn inside the Marketing Mastery Club). 
  • Don’t forget why people are using the platform in the first place: entertainment. Is your content capturing the attention of your audience (and potential audience?) in 3 seconds or less? 

Don’t panic: this doesn’t mean you have to axe the cute puppy pics and family photos. But it does mean you need to be able to create GOOD content that’s going to inspire readers to follow along and want to share. So, let the creative juices flow and use these focus areas to your advantage! 

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